Tiffany Harper

Head Coach, 12 Black



Mott Community College / Rochester College

Coach Harper returns this year as the head coach for our youngest superstars.  Tiffany is now the JV Coach at Powers Catholic Central High School.  Prior to that, she has coached at Davison High School as the varsity coach for the last 20 years, and assisted for 3 years prior to that with the Davison program.  She has been an assistant coach at Mott Community College, and has also been involved with multiple area clubs prior to joining us this last year.

In 2012, Tiffany was name the Coach of the Year for the Saginaw Valley Tri-County Conference, and in 2017 she was name the Coach of the Year for Region 9.

Prior Team Assignments

12 black – 2020
12 black – 2021
13 white – 2022
13 black – 2023
12 black – 2024