Our Philosophy

“Science has shaped everything we do in the gym in terms of developing players. We are training to perform not to drill. All of the science tells us that we do the most learning when practice looks like an actual game – which is really random and not just super controlled. That governs just about everything we do in the gym. We’re trying to make every second in our gym count as much as possible to make the most transfer that we can get.”

Karch Kiraly - Head Coach, USA Women's Volleyball

Five:1 VBC | Our Philosophy


The best way for volleyball players to improve their overall skillset is to play the game. Our training environment and approach employs the randomness of the game of volleyball into every training session, better equipping our athletes to handle those random situations during competitive game play. Every athlete, practices every skill, every time they step foot in our gym.

Teams are strategically assigned to a practice time block to position train with and compete against other teams in the club who will provide the ideal competitive pressure for each team. The results speak for themselves - athletes leave each club season better equipped for their next season, whether that is in middle school, high school, or college. Significant growth can be seen in the athletes who come in determined to overcome whatever challenge is presented each day in practice.

Our athletes, regardless of age, learn and run the same offensive and defensive strategies, learn and run the same basic serve receive patterns. They learn the same keywords to promote uniform learning of the fundamentals of the game. This provides flow from one season to the next so that knowledge is reinforced and built upon from the previous season.


Eric Lazowski, our volleyball director, is the lead coach for all practice sessions.  He provides the practice structure for our coaches to execute during training.  This approach ensures that every athlete and coach in the club (regardless of current team level) has the opportunity to learn and implement what's needed to pursue whatever future in the sport he or she wishes to achieve.

Our top coaches are paid professionals with experience at the higher levels of the game. New coaches that we choose to employ are trained alongside the veterans. Coaches work together each session to train ALL of the athletes in the gym that day - not just their own.

Coaches are responsible for putting together a lineup that offers the team the best advantage over the competition we face.  All of our athletes play in matches.  We don't however, promise equal playing time.  Individual court time and roles are determined and earned by way of training and in-match performance and based on a players overall contribution to the team.


The training is the heart and soul of our program. Athletes are ultimately paying to train in our club - it is the work they put in that determines the amount of growth during a season, and the amount of play time they earn during tournament events. All rostered athletes are provided an opportunity during tournaments to test what they have learned in practice. 

The tournaments our teams compete in are carefully selected to provide the right level of competition to challenge the athletes.  While winning is usually "fun", progress in volleyball skill and processes is best accomplished by competing against teams who are playing at a level or two ahead of where you are currently playing at.  Learning happens in losses.  The goal of tournaments is to implement the training from practice and learn how to better play the game in your position and as a team.