Andrea Lawson

Head Coach, 14 White



Coach Lawson graduated from U of M Flint with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. With a passion for coaching kids and a love of volleyball since she was young, she says “I find Five:1 is a great fit to call home for coaching.”

Andrea assisted our Stars & Stripes program and learned a ton about the way we train our younger athletes. She also makes herself available for camps and clinics and has been a huge student of the game in our gym.  Over the last five years, she has dedicated her time to building our 12’s and 13’s.  Her passion for the game started at a very young age – she has always made volleyball a part of her life whether in school or as an adult.  She enjoys teaching the technical aspects of the game while sharing her love of volleyball to these young girls.  The lesson is far greater than just the game of volleyball, but a building block in leadership, confidence, respect, discipline and teamwork.

Andrea coached at St. Roberts Flushing with back to back League Championships in 2021 and 2022.  When not in the gym at Five:1, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Prior Team Assignments
2020 – 12 Silver
2021 – 13 Blue
2022 – 13 Blue
2023 – 13 Blue
2024 – 14 White